Monday, July 23, 2007

Who's ready for dinner?

I AM!!!!!


And in other news, my baby passed her first test.

Aww. I feel so proud... especially because I know she flunked a time or two before we met. :-)


iznogoud said...

A very good job, and very well done! I am
very proud of you.


Honduras Sprout said...

So I have a questions...where do you get all the furnishings from and what do you do with them once the house sells? Does it just go onto the "staging" shelf for your next project(s).
Love the setting!

Ranty said...

Most of the furniture is from craigslist, and the decor items are a mix of stuff I swiped from home and new things bought from Ikea/Target/Goodwill/etc. I will either sell the furniture with the house or put it back on craigslist when I'm done, and I'll keep most of the decor stuff to recycle back into my next place.

I have neither the space nor the desire to keep furniture and drag it from one place to the next... at least not for staging. I know some who do though, and it works out for them I guess.

I also really enjoy the treasure-hunt feel of searching for just the right stuff every time... :-)

reetsyburger said...

what's that green room over there?

mindy said...

Great color scheme!

Ranty said...

The green room is the den, or nursury, or office, or yoga room, or storage room, or second (nonconforming) bedroom.

Or basically whatever the buyer wants it to be... :-)

I currently have a leaning desk and dresser in there. It's really difficult to photograph though!

teucer said...

Congratulations on getting it ready - it looks awesome. Here's to a quick and painless sale.

Ranty said...

Thanks Mindy & Teucer!

I am optimistic about a quick sale.

And xoxoxoxo @ Iznogoud! (AKA "The Good Scientist") Thank you a thousand times over for: all of your patience; support; encouragement; late-night-dinners cooked for my grubby, stinky, bitchy self; dog walking; pet-hair vacuuming; poop-picking; light-fixing; boat-moving; drum-sanding; cast-iron-tub-hauling; retaining-wall building; pms-withstanding; reeeel-uh-TOR-school-tolerating; and basically being THE JOOKS.

S'agapw para polu. Eisai gamw.

reetsyburger said...

at first I read teucer's comment as "Here's to a quick and pantless sale."