Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ever wondered what you pay a Realtor for?


You pay a Realtor to deal with problems...

...such as those I'm having right now. Hooray for on-the-job experience, right?


Not 24 hours on the market and we already have issues.

Remember how I had that Truth in Sale of Housing inspection on Monday?

Him: "You passed! No repair/replace orders for you today... that'll be $185 please."

Me: (writing check) "So when do I get that report?"

Him: "Tomorrow morning, probably. I gotta sign off on the old R/Rs and get the new report printed up, but that shouldn't take much. Look for it in your email."

Me: (frowning) "So I guess maybe I can't list my house tomorrow morning then? Y'know, cuz I gotta have that report onsite for showings or risk a big-fat fine..."

Him: (taking my check and giving me a STARE) "You WILL have it tomorrow."

Me: "Okayyyy."

Can you see what's coming here?

No report.

No report?

No report.



So I hope ya like the photos, cuz that's all anybody's seeing of this place until I get that thing.

And that means no Sunday open house this week. (Wednesday is the deadline for Strib ads.)


Here's the problem in a nutshell: I had some plumbing work done, and I did something really effing unusual - I hired a licensed contractor, and I instructed him to pull the appropriate permits for his work. (Whoooo... that's weird, huh?!)

When somebody pulls a permit in the City of Minneapolis, that work must be subsequently inspected. Yeah, you ask? So what?

Yeah, I asked that too.

In FACT, I told the TIH inspector all about that, and he stated many times that he doesn't care about permits. I asked him if I needed to schedule the city inspector PRIOR to his visit and he said NO. Permits, he told me, are NOT HIS GIG. HE DOESN'T CARE. NO PROBLEM, SHUT UP, LEMME COME AND DO MY DAMN INSPECTION... or something to that effect.

Well guess what?

He tried to sign off on the four R/Rs from the old TIH, which he told me were all non-permit-requiring items.

Turns out, he was wrong. The one item which was something about the level of some piece of crap in the guts of the toilet DID need a permit to repair.

Except that I never repaired that.

Um, hello? I gutted the whole damn room and threw that toilet OUT!

(And replaced it with a new one, under permit, with my plumber-guy.)

So nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I can't get a city inspector out to check my toilet and other plumbing items until next TUESDAY, after which he must go back downtown, do his blabbity-blah-paperwork, after which the TIH inspector can do his blabbity-blah-paperwork, and THEN... IF he's not too busy on another job he'll email me the report and I can put it onsite and begin to allow showings.

Bets on how long that will take?


Ed Kohler said...

That inspection process sounds a bit less than smooth. Good luck working out those issues so you can get that thing listed.

Aliecat said...

Hey, I sent out an e-mail to a few blogger peeps if you're still interested in going to Barbette for brunch this Sunday. A link to my e-mail address in on my site. Let me know!

Oh, and that's shitty about your house!

teucer said...

Dang! Sorry to hear about your inspection tribulations - do you think the guy really didn't know, or was he just in a hurry to get done?

It will make selling all the sweeter.

reetsyburger said...


Trying to think of some clever quote regarding patience...coming up empty.

That blows, Ranty!

mindy said...

I can't get the link to the listing to work. :(