Thursday, July 19, 2007

Le Visage

Yeah, I know. I haven't shown you the front of the house yet. I promise that I will, in the next couple of days.

But for now, how about a blast from the past?

This photo was taken somewhere around 2001, as far as I can tell.

Nasty-awning-ness aside, I can't help but notice that my little housey-house actually HAD A STORM DOOR in this photo.

Whoooooooooooooooooo took it?

Ah well. Whatevah. At least that barf-blue had already been ameliorated by the time I adopted my favorite little orphan-cottage in 2006... and I'm happy to report that the foliage did not actually EAT the house, as one might presume from this picture.

To be continued..........................


Honduras Sprout said...

Oh my gosh! Looks like you are about ready to list...did you say when that will be? I love your little housey-house :)

reetsyburger said...

Are you gonna have some sort of listing party so we can bring you a gift and see dis bitch?

Bl@ck Coffee said...

nastyawningness and barfblue should be in the dictionary or at least the urban dictionary.

Ranty said...

Thanks HS. I was hoping to have it listed today, but couldn't get the Truth-in-Housing inspection until Monday afternoon. So, I'm hoping we can pull the trigger next Tuesday. (Cuz I need a BREAK!)

ReetsyB: (In my best Indian accent ala Russell Peters,) "You Know Damn RRRight!" Just as soon as I have a purchase agreement.

And thanks Black Coffee. Since I lack photo skills, I have to be as descriptive as I can. :-)

Brandi said...

Okay, I swear that house looks really familiar. I find myself saying that often when I look at your blog. I can't figure out if it is because there are a lot of similar looking house around North Minneapolis or if I've actually seen that house (which, given that I have always lived in North Minneapolis, is a strong possibility).

Are you planning on focusing on rehabbing houses in Willard Hay or are you thinking of expanding to other areas of North Minneapolis?

On a completely unrelated note, I'm performing in the first round of the Funniest person in the twin cities contest on Fri. Aug 3 at 1030pm. I don't have your email address, so sorry about posting in your comments. Anyway, I have 20 free tickets, so drop me a line if you (and anyone else you'd like to bring) might want to come. Also, let any MNSpeakers you talk to know . You can just drop me a line at the address listed on my MNSpeak profile.

reetsyburger said...

Ranty - WORD. We'll be there!