Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sneak Peek: Kitchen, before and after

It's not completed yet, as I still need appliances, some plumbing tweaks and decor, but here's an advance peek at the cottage kitchen:

(First, let's remember how it was before)

Wow. Love those curtains and that dented metal cabinet!

Layers of painted-over wallpaper...

Mmm, yummy floor, eh?

That sparkly sheen is from years of splattered grease.

But now..... I give you the [almost] after:

View from dining room.

Whoooooooooo! Custom oak cabinetry!

Yep, that's a fridge-hole.

(Note the clean and shiny floors! Shiny from polyurethane, not from grease!)

I love my faucet.

Soft, undercab lighting, courtesy of Ikea, coming SOON to Cucina Ranty.

The End.


reetsyburger said...


I'll post pics of our kitchen update soon!

Josh @ Bungalow '23 said...

Ooooo! Aaaaah! It's like fireworks that can't blow your hand off.

Rich G. said...

Nice! Hopefully my renovation goes as well.

Where'd you get Satan's microwave though? It looks like it may be powered by souls.

Ranty said...

Thank you, thank you all.. *takes a bow*... I only wish it was a little bigger and easier to photograph, but ah well.

And Rich, you too can be a proud owner of Satan's little popcorn-popper for the red-hot price of 60 bucks at Target.

I love red.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I have to look for someone to re-do the walls/insulation at the Modesto house.... 110 degrees is a bit much....