Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Project

As some (but not all) of you know, this house-lady's base of operations is (ironically) a little apartment in Whittier.

While the Good Scientist and I do intend to move into house #5 (aka the dump of my dreams) after it's ready, we are currently enjoying our non-working hours in this tiny flat near Lyn-Lake.

Shocking, I know.


And don't get me started on the light fixture....

And I'll tell you a secret: It's DIRTY TOO.

So today I looked at this kitchen and I said to myself I said:

"Self, you are stupid. Why does the cottage look so nice and your kitchen look so terrible?"

And I said back to myself I said:

"Self, cuz I am tired. I don't wanna do this shite when I come home at night. Go proselytize ELSEWHERE, you wannabe-shoulder-sittin-angel-bizzzaaaaatch."

To which I replied:

"Hey dumbself: today is SATURDAY. Stop screwing around with your futile attempt to follow people on twitter, put on a clean shirt and let's do something prooooooo-ductive... hmmmm?"

So we (I mean "I") did just that.

I present you with a clean kitchen, walls painted in a cornhusk tone.

<------------------ Please forgive the aweful cabinetry and flooring... this is what one gets for $600/month in Whittier.

Ah, tidyness.


reetsyburger said...

Looks TONS better.

Now you can come home and be happy in your kitchen!

Loops O'Fury said...

That looks cute. I have a clutter problem, but I'm not gonna bother fixing it until we move into a bigger place.

Ranty said...

Thanks guys!

I still feel wholly underwhelmed by this apartment, and part of the problem is that I devote so much time to making *other* places look good. I just feel sort of MEH about doing anything here...It's like I have an all-or-nothing attitude, since I can't rip everything out and start fresh. (Well that and the fact that half of my decor-type-stuff is doing a tour of duty at the cottage over north.)

Oh well, at least it's clean now.