Monday, July 2, 2007

Storm Doors & Seventeen-Dollar Drinks

Thirty-two days since ordering, my storm door has yet to arrive at the Quarry HD. I have rescheduled my installer twice, and now he's going out of town, so if the door EVER arrives, I may have to put the damn thing in myself.

Yes, I put a call in to the general manager of the store. So far, no callback.

I may have to burn the place down in order to satisfy my internalized rage and psychotic hysteria over not being able to list my house this week... or next week, by the look of things.

Aspirin, please.

In other news, I just returned from four days in this fine city to the south.


It was okay. A little bit of sea and sun never hurt anyone, right?

$17 mixed drinks at the Shore Club are another story though... but I have to say that the poolside beds were comfy.

(The Delano was even more gorgeous, but sadly my night-photog skills are lacking, so I don't have any pictures to offer.)

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