Monday, July 12, 2010

FLOW - Northside Arts Crawl!

For those of you who don't already know, Saturday, July 24th is the date of the 2010 FLOW Northside Arts Crawl!

We have an exceptional number of talented artists in the area, several of which I am lucky enough to have as neighbors... and you should really come and check them out!

The map and event list is not yet up, but check back here and/or for details in the near future. The event runs from 3PM to 8PM.

Oh, and there will be hooping, obviously!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I only act rude and insulting to strangers, obviously - my bad!

So today I was taking the dog (one of them) around the block for a quick potty break (he's geri[p]atric and can't really hold it very long,) and I happened upon my neighbor to the east, sitting on her stoop drinking a beer. #NTTAWWT

Out of habit (admittedly) rather than sheer friendliness, I said hello to her as I passed. She looked up at me and stared for a moment.

And then she said: "Oh, I apologize for the other night. I didn't know it was YOU who asked us to turn the music down."


On Saturday night, the backyard of the property in question was filled with revelers from about the hour of 6PM onward. #NTTAWWT At some point, the stereo got turned up LOUD. Like, REALLY LOUD. Outside. Across the alley from me. From where I was stooped over in the yard, weeding.

And, I must say, it wasn't the delightful and slightly-relaxed R&B that had theretofore been playing... no... it was some song whose refrain included the word "B*TCH no less than three times per sentence.

So, I went over and did a charades move over the fence, indicated my hand turning down the volume. A guy went to turn it down, and as he did, no less than three other people reacted immediately with things like:

a) "Aw HELL NO,"

b) "Did that b*tch just tell you to turn it DOWN???

c) "Man, turn that sh*t UPPPP!!!


So, what was most interesting to me about the situation (besides the fact that, blessedly, the music did in fact stay down for the rest of the evening and we had no other issues,) was the fact that the owner herself was one of the people yelling (it would seem,) and, that she realized that it's not okay to talk to a NEIGHBOR that way.

But I guess anybody else is fair game.

Or something.

But, she did apologize!

#NTTAWWT = not that there's anything wrong with that

Monday, July 5, 2010

NoMi Chickens?

(image from - a fantastic and highly-informative site)

So, I was seriously thinking about urban chickens BEFORE spotting a random free one on the dog walk this evening... but I must admit the sighting got me even more interested. (Where did that chicken come from??? I know of at least one person with chickens in North Minneapolis, but they are not close by to where we spotted this little hen.)

Anyway, we shall see. It could be fun. Need more research first though...

Anybody want some Allium seed?

These things have produced a MASSIVE amount of seeds.

From what I have read it seems that they make take a couple of years to flower when planted from seed (as opposed to bulb) but hey, seeds are fun, and free.