Friday, July 6, 2007

Poop Terrorist!

We have a problem.

Someone is pooping in another certain someone's BED.

The problem is increasing in volume and frequency. The culprit MUST BE STOPPED for the health and sanity of the inhabitants of Casa Ranty.

But who could it be????

Undercover investigations of the black cat yielded stinky butt-whiff and a noseful of hair, but nothing in the way of conclusive evidence.

Questioning of the white cat proved equally fruitless, as he repeatedly denied any involvement. (Although he does have a crimminal history, and since his hair was found all over the bed and in the vicinity of the poop, he remains a prime suspect.)

The victim is suffering great psychological stress as a result of these heineous (and repeated) crimes.

A *reward is being offered for any information in this case.

*You can have the crapping cat. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ach re Lazare.... krima.

EGE said...

I know how to figure it out! Feed one of them corn...

Ranty said...

Ti krima Jerry; o gatos einai en taksi, kai twra kanei passive-agressive pooping in retaliation gia to mauling. :-)

Ege: that's not a half-bad idea! Also, thanks for visiting my blog. I really like yours too - I can totally relate to having a million little things left to do on your house!

Josh said...

I have it on good authority that Sadaam Hussein has recently attempted to acquire high-strength aluminum tubes from Niger for poop-enrichment. If you blame your cats the terrorists win.

mindy said...


One time I was babysitting a friend's cat and she (the cat) apparently didn't think much of me. She pooped in my gym bag once and I didn't realize it until I got to the gym. THAT was an interesting workout.

Jeremy said...

Where was your husband during all of this. Think about it.