Thursday, July 19, 2007

Forest, prairie-grass, kelly, seafoam...

...whatever the particular shade of green, you can bet on it being found at Villa Ranty.

Here are a few on the front porch. Once again, this is not completely staged. I'm going to scrub it up a bit more, add throw pillows to the chairs and a table lamp for good measure.

Sadly, I don't have a before shot of the porch. I screwed up on that. It looked crappy though - take my word for it. I scrubbed, patched, caulked and repainted the entire thing, down to the floorboards. (After scraping the old linoleum and 1930s newsprint off, that is.)

And I guess it's about time I showed you this.
(interior view)
<--------- Hrmph.

(exterior view)

I'm thinking of painting that new-frame wood in the rusty-red color that I have on the porch floor. The reason is that I want to detract from the obnoxiously mis-matched greens of the door and surrounding woodwork.

Worth a try anyway, eh?


Sandra said...

Hi Ranty, Aliecat sent me here! I'm addicted to home improvement stuff, so this is awesome to me - I like your rust color idea, or maybe a muted form of yellow/cornsilk sort of thing. Great pics.

Ranty said...

Thanks Sandra! I'm glad you like my blog. The cornsilk thing is a good idea - I already painted around the door, but since you put that idea in my head I bought yellow dishes today!