Monday, July 16, 2007

Ahhhhhhhh, Summer

Garden tomatoes!

A reminder of what the yard used to look like.

Preview of what it looks like now.

And last but not least, Ranty and the Good Scientist at Kingman Studios last Saturday.



reetsyburger said...

My tomatoes are not ripe, and one plant is bearing fruit yet.

I'm jealous. I'm gonna come and steal your tomatoes.

Ranty said...

Well, I should note that the tomatoes in the photo come from my non-heirloom plants. I grew some Burpee hybrid (Better Boy?) along with twice as many Brandywine plants. I think I have one green tomato growing on one Brandywine vine so far, and the rest just have flowers. The hybrid, on the other hand, is flourishing.

And no rot or wilt this year on anything, for once! Hooray!

reetsyburger said...

Ranty - My heirloom brandywine has produced 2 green tomoates so far. The heirloom persimmon has produced nothing! What a jerk.

The smaller heirloom sun gold cherry tomatoes are off the chain. Lots of those!

No rot or wilt on mine either yet! *crossing fingers*

Ed Kohler said...

That looks awesome. Great job.

If you burn out on working on your own house, you're more than welcome to come work on mine!