Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Text messages - did I miss the memo?

When did text-messaging become interchangeable with email?

Now I admit that I may have become TOO attached to email. I mean, I never turn my computer off... Ever. I leave browser windows open all day, and sometimes all night. I use email sometimes when I probably should be making a phone call instead...

But whatever is up with this move to texting?

The instances in which an email message (sent by me) is responded to via text to my phone are wayyyyyyyy up. Seriously, if you take the time to read my message, why not just hit reply instead of pulling out the cell to text me back?

I'm getting texts in the middle of the night. (Hello? It wakes me up! Wait 'til morning please!)

I even have a client now who prefers contact via text message.

What's the deal?

I guess I better get that unlimited text addition to my phone plan... and fast.


John said...

My dad is a big science and technology guy, and he says most college age people now prefer text messages to email. Why? Email is too slow according to them.

Also, more and more people are having their email forwarded to their cellphones.

Personally I prefer email, but I don't know if that will save me.

Erica M said...

OMG, get with the times! ;)

I kid. Although I know it's the thing with the kids these days. Imagine if you'd learned email via your phone instead of your computer. It's like that.

I also prefer email, but I suppose if I had one of those fancy phones that makes it a lot easier to actually send text messages (and emails), I'd do more of that.

Actually, I'd probably just Twitter more.

Jen said...

I love text messaging. I do it all the time. But I don't have a job at which I sit in front of a computer all day, so it's much easier for me to text than email.

Although, that's also why I want to get a phone with email/web browsing capabilities. Maybe then I'd email more.

Ed Kohler said...

I'm more likely to email someone than call them since I can organize my thoughts and let the person I'm emailing think before responding. For things needing short answers, text is the way to go. Status update type stuff.

The biggest abuse I see of text is using it for to-do type emails. It doesn't pair with to-dos or calendars like email, so that's just wrong.

Honduras Sprout said...

My realtor friend when she was helping me sell my house was all about text. I couldn't get her to stop. Because she was on the go a lot, I guess. My mortgage lender friend was so big into text too. He'd send out mass text just to rouse business.

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

I think that because texts cost money, it is rude and presemptuous to send them to someone without the recipient's advance permission. I know which of my friends I can and cannot text and never ever text anyone unless I ask them first.

I sold some Twins tickets once to a girl, we were going to meet outside the stadium to make the exchange. I left her a VM saying I was there, and she texted me that she was on her way. I was floored that any person would have the balls to do that, but apparently it's quite common.

No one has manners anymore. The world is mostly going to hell. Mostly.