Monday, August 27, 2007

Open House Recap

After much stressing, racing around for balloons, coffee, cupcakes and signage, (to say nothing of driving the Good Scientist out of his mind with my anxiety,) I do believe the open was a great success.

First of all, my mom and stepdad hoofed it all the way up from Eureka Township, just to see the finished product and provide moral support on my very first [EVAR] open house.

Second of all, Ed from The Deets came, and brought the lovely Mrs. Deets as well! We discussed real estate websites, decorating, and of course, the Jucy Lucy. Sweet!

Third of all, I got a visit from some VERY cool neighbors, and they had lots of advice about the people with whom I should be networking to promote the cottage, as well as great info about other properties around the area, and some general neighborhood newsy stuff.



Aaron said...

Mr. Deets talking about Real Estate websites? No way!
Mr. and Mrs. Deets are fine people.

Ranty said...

Haha, I know... for realz?

But as an agent in search of good marketing products, I love it! It was great, served to reinforced my belief that Ed is EVERYWHERE!*

*I totally found him linked on one of my fave Honduran blogs a week or two back. What the...?

Ed Kohler said...

You've done such an awesome job on that house. I hope some awesome buyers turn it into their home soon.