Monday, August 20, 2007

A lesson learned the hard way

Every experience -no matter how painful or aggravating- should teach us something, right?

Well this weekend I learned the hard way - NEVER to put my purse down in a nightclub again.

Yes, I should have already known that. In fact, I used to ALWAYS leave my purse at home, carrying merely an ID, credit card and some cash in a pocket when going out. Alas, I have grown lax in recent months. I wanted to carry my camera around so I could take photos and blog about events, and of course there's the ever-important need for a stash of business cards and a cell phone on my person at all times, right?

Well yes, okay, but if I must carry these things, I guess I had better not be so stupid as to put my purse down!!!!!

A mistake I will not make again...

Among the lost items are:

driver's license
ALL of my credit/debit cards
cell phone
digital camera

Not to mention stupid stuff like my favorite makeup items, business cards, library card, etc.

And, to add insult to injury, the Good Scientist's VIP card for the Lounge (where the theft took place) was in there as well, so now the THIEF is going to be VIP-ed!!!!


Of course the first thing the thief did was try to charge gasoline... fortunately my bank denied the charge since I cancelled all cards IMMEDIATELY. (Then they took a different card and successfully charged $700 worth of crap which I have yet to identify. It should be fun to see what this idiot bought.)


reetsyburger said...



And then, not only are you pissed because some asshole stole your stuff, but also because you know it's your own damn fault.


I have a spare temporary tattoo if that would help.

Jaime said...

Argh! A similar thing happened to me... I had my keys in a vintage leather coat. I turned around for one minute and it was gone gone gone. At the time, my dad had the only extra key to my car. I felt like I was 19 all over again.

I hope your recovery/replacement efforts go smoothly.

Ranty said...

Dude! A temporary tattoo would totally cheer me up! Such a good idea. :-)

Sucks about the coat and keys, Jaime. I consider myself super-lucky that my keys were not in that purse. If so, I'd be having my house re-keyed right now, and doing who-knows-what about my car...

StuccoHouse said...

If you haven't already done it, file a Police report. Even if they don't want to take one. HAving that report will save your ass if it gets into identity theft.

You might also want to put a "flag" on your drivers license. You don't want to spend a night in jail if your little criminal uses your DL after commiting a crime.

In MN you can put a "freeze" on your credit report (Experian, etc.) too...not just the lame "notice."

I've been living w/ identity theft for 4 yrs now (Marshall Fields delivery men stole my purse right out of my house). No fun at all.

Ranty said...

You know Stucco House, I was JUST thinking last night: "crap, I probably should have made a report, just for the record."

I'm going to do that today, as well as enquire about the other things you mentioned.

I'm so sorry to hear about your own experience - that's horrible!

Rich G. said...

Stuccohouse speaks words of wisdom. I had some spare checks stolen and it was a nightmare trying to clean that up. If I hadn't filed the police report I couldn't have gotten the bank to investigate. And if I couldn't have done that, I would've been responsible for $500 in groceries at a Byerly's in Eagan. As if I'd go grocery shopping in Eagan. I mean, I like slumming, but that's ridiculous. ;-)

Honduras Sprout said...

Oh good grief! That sucks big time. Did they get a bank card? The bank might try to change your account number. I had my purse stolen once and it was SUCH a headache.

I wonder how the Lounge is these days...I knew the first designer. Can't say I liked it very much but I wasn't going to tell him that! Then the owners got busted for all that smack in the house and things changed again.

mindy said...

That SUCKS. For some reason I have been overly lucky TWICE when I've set my purse down. Both times I called the bars the next day and they had my purse with everything still in it.

Shit, I bet that doesn't make you feel better, does it? Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sucks.

I had my wallet stolen out of my UM office in December - it's amazing how fast the charges get racked up. They were pretty predictable, though - the most interesting thing was $85 at McDonald's.