Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How many cars does a purse thief have???

So, in addition to charging drinks, a couple of slices from Pizza Luce, and parking on my credit card, the purse thief also made the following charges on my check-card, thanks to Wells Fargo's system being down and thus incapable of refusing transactions...

$132 Target, Brooklyn Park
$123 Babies R Us, Maple Grove
$50 SuperAmerica, New Hope
$97 SuperAmerica, New Hope
$50 SuperAmerica, New Hope
$47 Cub Foods, Brooklyn Park
$25 McDonald's, Crystal
$205 Walmart, Brooklyn Park

What a sad list. I mean, for crying out loud...


Muskego Jeff said...

Gas purchases are safe and easy since they can pay at the pump. All these transactions and none of the places have video cameras on the registers? I'd expect Wallyworld and Target to do so. Some of our local food stores have 'em as well.

Ed Kohler said...

This reminds me of Raising Arizona when H.I. Mcdunnough says, "I'll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash ya got."

Ranty said...

Yeah Jeff, you're right about the paying at the pump thing. A banker told me that it's the most common transaction with a stolen card these days.

What's weird about the gas is that they charged almost $200. I mean, were they driving a semi??? My tank fills for about forty bucks these days. Also, they made three charges at the same SA in one day. Methinks they know a cashier there...

Ed: I've never seen(read?) or heard of Raising Arizona. I'm gonna have to google it!

Anyway, I was expecting to see electronics or something that could be sold afterwards for cash. This person bought gas, groceries, housewares and baby stuff.

Wow. Sad.

Sandra said...

Raising Arizona is a must see! One of the strangest, best, funniest movies ever!

Wells Fargo will reimburse you, they know their server problem the other day was to blame for those charges posting. I'm like 100% sure. What a pain in the meantime though.

Ranty said...

I've been talking to my credit union every other day about this, and yes, they assure me that the charges will be removed. It's not WF but they evidently use their electronic system... who knew?

Also, breaking news!!! Just got a call two minutes ago from Pizza Luce and they have my purse!!!

(You know why? Cuz it's a twelve-dllar purse! If it had been Coach or LV I'd be looking for it on Ebay right now, no doubt.)

Anyway, does this mean it's been sitting there for 9 days? Sheesh.

StuccoHouse said...

Ok, one more tip. Ask WF to put a password on your account - so changes can only be made with a password. Not to totally freak you out, but WF allowed my thief to change the contact info. on my bank accounts. Luckily, I caught it.

My purse was a brand new coach...filled with brand new Aveda stuff ;-)

Hope they catch your little snot soon....he doesn't sound too smart.

Jayne said...

That is indeed a pathetic list of charges. You'd think they'd say to themselves, "I have someone else's money--I'll go hog-wild!" Or maybe they did go hog-wild, and their dreams are small. I mean, my son's debit card was stolen and they charged a plane ticket to Italy and a train ride when they got there. He got his money back in a couple of days, no problem. Hope you do, too.

Ranty said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh... crap, Stucco House! That SUCKS about your purse and makeup!

Thanks for the tip about the password. I will definitely ask about that.

And Jayne: now THAT'S what I call a thief! Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. I looked at your Dainty Digs too, and it's very cool!

Rich G. said...

At least you have to give 'em a little respect for taking care of his/her shorties.