Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yes, I know, it's another picture-less post

I've barely had time to shower in the past month, much less photograph anything, okay???

Image updates on the house are coming soon, I swear.

In the meantime, let me just ramble for a moment about how today was the LAST DAY of pre-licensure education, so it's happily back to rantyworld - sleeping late and slacking off - yehawww!

Um, that is to say, unless you would like to hire me as your Realtor... in which case I would [of course!] adopt a 5AM-11PM daily schedule in order to most expeditiously sell your house or locate the future home of your dreams.



On to the next tidbit of the day:

Remember the door? The stupid-effing-storm door that cost over $400 and took 4 weeks to be delivered???

Well, the Home Depot dude told me of an alternate door, made by Anderson, which 1) looked like it belonged in a gold-toothed grandma's trailer house or perhaps a stylish new modular home in Coon Rapids, 2) did NOT come in black but rather 4 other vomitous color options, BUT 3) could arrive in 10 days.

Obviously, I bought it.

Time is of the essence, right?

But the funny thing is this: if buying a stupid, sub-par storm door isn't enough to show you all what an idiot I am, here's something more: I called about the door yesterday (13 days past ordering) and was informed that ghetto-door has "a 28-day lead time."


Some little Home Depot wank door-salesguy is most definitely getting his ass kicked tomorrow.

I think it will be a fitting re-introduction in to construction-worker-life after three+ long weeks of nicey-nice real estate environment. :-)

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