Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fashion Fotos

Since I'm clearly not getting any work done today anyway... I didn't even get UP until noon.

Yep, life is hard in rantyville.

Anyway, here are some highlights from yesterday's poolside fashion show at the Calhoun Beach Club:

Fancy feet.


DJ somebody-or-other... Attitude City!

Ranty thoughts:

How long until I can pick something like that up at Goodwill on a green-tag sale??

Ranty no-can-do short shorts, but this chick sure can.

Mmm, red.


She looks kinda scared. (But who can blame her when the catwalk is right up against the edge of a second-story terrace?)

Yeow, racy!

Wheeeee, it's Hedy De Vine!!!

Johann is thinking "yes dah-ling, it's all very nice but it's still not Colooooooooooombia..."

Aww look, we found some friends.


reetsyburger said...

Could Hedy be any more sassy? Love it!

reetsyburger said...

Ranty, the djs are Attitude City, and they RULE.

I sipped vino with Jeff on Tuesday, and he didn't mention the gig. Is that an ascot he's wearing???

Ranty said...

Excellent, thanks for the info! They were indeed very good, and didn't even yell at me for putting my purse and drink on their table... (I was subsequently informed that this is considered a serious transgression. Oops!)

Jason DeRusha said...

These are great photos-- looked like some fun.

reetsyburger said...

ranty - having known many dj, I can say they don't mind chicks drinking. They hate when chicks spill drinks on their tables, however.

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

Way to work it.

Andrew said... Can'!

Ranty, your modeling career is a long distance from Nye's. Well done.

Ranty said...

Thank you guys, you're very kind. :-)

Honduras Sprout said...

This makes me miss Minneapolis. Looks like fun!