Saturday, March 24, 2007

Monster Home Spotting

So I've been hearing about this "Monster Home" epidemic a lot lately, but had never seen one in the flesh (in the flashing?) until today.

It's gross.

What's even worse is that I remember when this particular house (located at 29th St. and Blaisdell Ave) was originally rehabbed. I remember feeling all warm and fuzzy that someone took this little place on a not-so-nice corner and made it into the quaint cottage that it was...

Now it looks like some UFO dropped an Apple Valley box on its ass:

Note the hideous third-floor window. Yeah, that matches, kids.

But at least now they have a view of the Greenway without having to go out to the yard.
(Wait, what yard? The house ATE the yard!)


Kassie said...

I go by this house everyday and I just wonder what they are thinking. The house is gigantic, the lot tiny, and the neighborhood marginal.

It is so ugly.

Honduras Sprout #1 said...

What the friggin' hell? I'm nauseous looking at it. I can see this looking one way on plan and another actually built.

thephoenixnyc said...

you are one seriosuly house obsessed woman...