Friday, March 9, 2007

$425,000 House for Sale over North!

Yes, that's right folks, and it's only a few blocks away from my place!

This kind of renovation (click the top listing, I couldn't permalink for some reason) sort of makes me feel like a hack in comparison... but that's alright. Their success is my success, since our property values impact each other by virtue of proximity.


Honduras Sprout #1 said...

Looks like they sunk a lot of money into that little house on the north side. Wonder if they priced themselves right out of the neighborhood? Geesh. You think it comes with a gun too?

Brandi said...

That is a pretty sweet remodeling job but I too am inclined to think that they priced themselves out of the neighborhood. 27th and that by the parkway?

Ranty said...

Yep it is on the parkway.

I was astounded by the price myself, but it sounds like the guy who did the renovation is either from the area or well familiarized with it, (I forget which now) and the realtor lives a few doors down. So, they should have some idea of what they're dealing with.

I imagine it may sit for a while... but I suspect the owner is prepared for that. It seems to have been a labor of love.

Margie said...

The man who did the rehab is Dale Berns. He used to live in the duplex next to the house in question when he and his wife were first married. They still own the duplex and rent it. They bought this house because it was a problem house in our neighborhood and it was definitely a "labor of love". The price is up there, but you really have to see it. It could not be more perfect. Dale is an amazing carpenter and almost everything is hand done. I am thinking that it will just take the right person, looking to spend what he is asking and they will just love it and buy it. I love it, but I live 3houses away, and that would be my craziest move yet! I watched the whole process and NOTHING was missed!