Saturday, May 19, 2007

Peace Across the Northside, and a little bit of irony too

Look at the little cuties!

I want to say this is a Hmong performance they're doing, but honestly I'm just guessing...

Dude on stilts.


More Penn/Bro.

Ranty incognito.

John the Juggler.

And this was pretty cool...

...then I noticed which house it was painted in front of!!!

(2717 Penn)

I guess it would have been more ironic if this one was in front of that house, but hey...

Cynicism aside, it was a fun event. I'm glad we went, even though the Good Scientist and I were beat and dripping from adding tier-two to the front yard retaining wall.

It's nice to see Northsiders venture out from the safety of their homes and celebrate together.

And nobody got shot! Whoohoo!

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