Saturday, May 12, 2007

All work no play this Saturdayyyyy

Speaking of crappy yards, we worked on mine today. It's been looking rather wounded for the past week, considering the digging...

Oh yes, that's right, the bloody digging.

Look at this ROOT. There were hundreds like it.

The Good Scientist and neighbor Jada survey the initial efforts.

See how much dirt we had to take out????

(It's now resting in an undisclosed location.)

And we still have to dig MORE!


That gravel was effing heavy to haul. We made two trips to HD today for that crizzap.

Note the landscape fabric. This will evidently keep dirt from penetrating between the timber courses. (Why I care if this happens, no one seems to know, but anyway.)


Sort-of backfilled and THAT'S IT FOR TODAY, KIDS!

I hope that tier #2 is less painful and involves less dirt hauling... but I doubt it.


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