Friday, May 4, 2007

Boulevards, Black Beauty, and Breakin' da Law!

This is the backside of a vacant duplex next door to my house. It's bank-owned, and has been empty for at least as long as I've had my place.

Anybody wanna buy it???

Look at the size of this yard! I could fit my whole house in there, easily.

Such a shame to see it go to waste, right? Especially since it gets loaaaaaaads of sunlight.

Neighbor yard on the left, my yard on the right.

Seriously, it's just too tempting for me... like chocolate brownies sitting on the counter next to a tall glass of full-fat milk.

What's a girl to do???

Guerrilla gardennnnnnnnning!!!!

That's what.

Here we have a rogue mini-pumpkin and ornamental gourd planting, just on the other side of the gate to my yard. (I'm hoping they'll creep around the corner and tangle with my Liatris, giving the gate a wildish look. We'll see.)

And here we have illegal pumpkin patch #2. This one consisted of three packs of dollar store pumkin seeds mixed with two packs of dollar store acorn squash. Not the best seed in the world, but that's what makes it ideal for guerrilla gardening, right?

I'm not risking my $3/pack seeds on this side of the fence, dammit.

BTW, the last time I planted dollar store pumpkin seeds they miraculously grew into hubbard squash. Oh well, I still ate it.

Back on the legal side of the fence, we have eggplant flowering all over the place. I think this guy is Black Beauty, but I had some labeling issues back in February when I started the seeds, so it could just as easily be Ping Tung or who knows what else. I give up.

And look at the pretty tulips! These were planted by some unknown predecessor of mine, and I'm very grateful to the neighborhood squirrels for not eating them.

Er, yet.

And here's the boulevard garden. It's a bit sparse yet, but I'm trying to hold back on jamming things in, since I've created plant-havoc by doing that in the past. (Must remember: things get BIGGER as they grow.)

I will mulch as soon as my Liatris are a couple inches out of the dirt. (They're just beginning to poke out now.)

In the next installment of my illegal gardening posts, I will show what I did to the neighbor's front yard. (Can't yet, because nothing has come up!)

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Brandi said...

huh, I think that yellow house in the background of that first picture belongs to one of my aunts good friends.