Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Here's my porch floor, right after I painted it yesterday.

Here are little neighbor Jasmine's telltale shoeprints, left NOT 60 SECONDS after I specifically stated that she was not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to enter my (still doorless) porch and tramp on the wet paint.

She tried to tell me that her little sister Jada did it, but Jada's feet are half this size, and she was barefoot at the time.



reetsyburger said...

And you repeat to yourself, "I shall not swear at the children...I shall not swear at the children...."

Margaret said...

Ranty, I feel for ya. I painted our porch last fall and it never looked better... for a few months...(Behr Paint with that texturing goo) until the guy who shoveled our walk (see our blog) used his crappy snowshovel on it and put HUGE scratches in it and in our Deck. The Deck has to be treated this Fall anyway. I guess the porch could have used another coat too. Ugh.