Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reflections while scrubbing woodwork

When I first bought the house I now live in, I basically hated it. And not only did I basically hate it, but in uncharacteristic fashion, I had little hope that my sentiments would ever change. Part of it was due to the extreme nature of its hose-up-ness, but also, I now realize, in part due to the particularly grumpy stage of life I was passing through at the time.

In any event, two years later, much has evolved for the positive, both for the house and for my general disposition.

As I ponder the various options this new year has brought to me, I cannot help but also reflect upon the amazing transformation of this house, and my attitude toward it.

There are still things to be done, for sure. But Now I look at them with (mostly) good humor, and I know that they can be accomplished. I also know that this house has finally become a home. And I like it.