Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anonymous threats and stalking - why Northsiders don't want to talk

As Sheila Regan and Ed Kohler both illustrated lately in the Twin Cities Daily Planet and The Deets, there's a bit of drama swirling around the Northside blogosphere these days.

What's unfortunate is that the most nefarious aspects are being perpetuated under a cloak of anonymity.

There's been plenty of speculation as to the identity or identities of the "Jordan Hawkman Group*" but of course, unless someone sues them (or Blogger/Google) it seems unclear as to whether or how these theories can be proven. (But in case you haven't been following the story, word on the street is that it's at least partially Don Allen. Hence the above-linked stories causing a backlash on JHG.)

In the meantime, the angry personality(ies?) hiding behind this moniker are having a grand old time spreading misinformation and -in some cases- outright lies about a variety of Northsiders.

Is it any wonder that nobody wants to talk?

Here's an email I received from "Jane Doe" just today:

from Jane Doe
to Minneapolis Girl
date Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 9:59 AM
subject Constance E. Nompelis
signed-by rocketmail.com
hide details 9:59 AM (2 hours ago)
Don't feel left out as of late, we have not been forgetting about you.

JHG has a few questions for you:

1. How is the completion of the TISH orders coming along for your North Minneapolis House?

2. Were you involved in any way with the Jeff Skrenes accident? In any case, was there alcohol involved in his accident?

3. Have you ever been investigated for Real Estate transactions? Which ones?

As you well know, we keep our word as to what is on the record and off the record. If we dig up the answers on our own we have moved forward with stories. As stated before, we are willing to put up your side of the story....your call.

Your friends at JHG

For the record, this is not the first time I've been contacted by JHG, and while the questions in this particular message are mostly related to me, in the past they've attempted to blackmail me for info about others. Take this message, for example:

from Jane Doe
to Minneapolis Girl
date Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 8:17 AM
subject Time
signed-by rocketmail.com
hide details 8/28/10
What's it going to be?

We know you represented the buyer side of Goodmundson's house among other things. We have known this all along, yet have not brought it up when there were logical times to publish it. That should prove that JHG can be Connie friendly.

Now would be the appropriate time to slide us information that focuses our attention towards Hoff and Goodmundson. There are others working with us already. Don't be late to the party, because it will not count if you are.

The dumbest part about it all though, is that threats of exposure *should* only work if the threatened party has actually done something wrong. The JHG have implied OVER and OVER again that I had some unethical or illegal role in Megan Goodmundson's home transaction, but the reality is that I did not. The JHG have also implied OVER and OVER again that I have romantic relations with any number of Northside characters, but the reality is that I do not.

So why should I (or anyone else) be afraid?

Well, because they lie. And lies really suck.

And I know a dozen other people over here who won't dare say one word about any of the local issues because they're afraid of some anonymous-lying-COWARD-blogger posting lies about THEM TOO.

Which really is a terrible shame.

I spent a few months trying to ignore this whole mess, hoping that it would just die down, and feeling like the best response was none at all. However, things have not in fact died down.

So, I decided to respond.


Oh, and for the record, I'm happy to answer the questions posed in the initial email. Here goes:

1) All the corrections have been made. (PS - Did you notice the beautiful new paint job on my home? I know you drive by it a lot as part of your intimidation efforts.)

2) Nope. Jeff's car accident took place in Northeast Minneapolis and I was nowhere near him at the time. (But how nice of you to take the friendly act of picking him up and driving him to the hospital and try to twist that into something seedy.)

3) Not unless it's been so super-secret that I wasn't informed about it. (And not unless your obsessive googling and defamatory insinuations count... which I don't believe they do.)

*Which I REFUSE to link to. If you want to read that garbage and you don't already know where it is, please consult with Google.


Anonymous said...

They are such jokes. They think they are so smart, but they get most of their information wrong anyway. Not to mention that they are a bunch of sissies hiding behind a false identity. Maybe they don't like those they target, but at least the other bloggers are known entities who have taken roles of leadership in their communities. Whether you love them or hate them, at least they do not sit behind computer screens like cowards intimidating and blackmailing people from a source of veiled identity.

Thank you Connie for bringing this into the light. I can understand that it is not easy as they intend to give you the impression that if you "cross" them they will publicly slander you. And they might. We'll see. But I think a watershed moment has passed. Their intimidation is no longer working. The fact you posted this throws them out into the light for the creeps they are. It is fear they thrive on. You made a bold decision today not to be afraid. Thank you for exposing them to be the trash that they are!

Preserved for Posterity said...

Ranty said...

Thanks for the link to my blog.

Also, if you ever take Ed up on that coffee invitation, I'd be happy to come along. :-)

February 8, 2011 3:13 PM

Jordan Hawkman Group said...

We have already asked Ed questions and he refused. We appreciate you giving half answers but they're far from the truth many times. Many times we have attempted to have open communications with both of you And that does not End up being a fruitful conversation

February 8, 2011 3:33 PM

Jordan Hawkman Group said...

As far as providing the link to your site.... Well you're welcome. We always provides fair and equal opportunities on the site. We don't mind you riding our coattails Of success To get your side of the story as hard is it maybe.

February 8, 2011 3:36 PM

Donald Allen said...

Connie - It might be best if you move very far away from that whole group. Without saying their names, the guy that wanted you to be his girlfriend and the human McDonald food stuffs storage tank.

February 8, 2011 4:32 PM

Anonymous said...

And Viola! Just as predicted, when Connie didn't play the game the way they wanted it to be played, they slandered her on the JHG blog. Except this time Connie got the best of them. By producing their creepy, intimidating emails, their move and motivations are now completely transparent. The fear is receding and with it any little bit of pathetic power they once believed they had. HA HA HA HA HA! Connie got the best of them today. They are exposed to all for the creeps they are.

Anonymous said...

Interesting too that on the JHG blog, they leave out their creepoid little intro line: "Don't feel left out as of late, we have not been forgetting about you." and then go on to back pedal and talk up how they were just trying to do research and get information. How they removed the creepoid verbage and then felt the need to over explain themselves - it had a nervousness about it. A nervousness like that of someone who had been exposed. Probably because Connie Nompelis publicly pulled down their pants today.

Ranty said...

Thanks guys, I sincerely appreciate your support.

Also, I just want to state that I know for a fact that other people have received similar emails, essentially threatening to slime them unless they provided dirt on select individuals.

I wish those people would share their messages too, but I understand that they are afraid. Some of these individuals have children and spouses and bosses and are fearful of how far the hateful ooze could spread... I get it. I know I felt horrible when I saw members of my own family mention in unflattering ways by these creeps. It's awful.

Vile and disgusting, in fact.

Ranty said...

Er, "mentioned."

Anonymous said...

JHG = low-life-nothing-better-to-do-creeps. They seriously need to get lives. I just don't understand what they are trying to do with their lies and threats. What is their long-term plan? What do they want? Seriously. Go away JHG. Find a more positive way to spend your freetime. You guys do nothing positive for North Mpls. What are you doing that is of benefit to the citizens of North Mpls? What are you bring forth that is of real true concern to the citizens of North Mpls?