Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What do YOU do?

When you REEEEEEEEEALLY REALLY want something, but it's unclear as to wether you'll be able to get it?

Do you:

A) Try not to think about it or get too excited, lest you be more disappointed if it falls through, or

B) Think about it constantly, plan for it, and actively visualize yourself achieving/possessing it?


Ang said...

Hmm, B with a little bit of A. Until "unclear" becomes "not happening" I plan for it, working towards obtaining it, but keeping reality in mind.

If all else fails, I set it on fire so nobody can have it!

Honduras Sprout said...

Mostly (A) with select moments of (B). I hate the disappointment if what I want falls through. Hate it.

Ang- LMAO with your (C) plan.

Ranty said...

I must say that I'm mostly in the (B) camp myself, though I scare myself with (A) reminders regularly, just to keep the stress level up. :-)

In the past it's usually worked out, thus strengthening my faith in the power of "creative visualization" as it were... but I'm always nervous that next time will be the time I get screwed!

Fingers crossed.

BTW HS, Ang is a riot! If you haven't seen it before, check out her site It's always good for a laugh!

reetsyburger said...

Ranty, I usually find another project to focus on until I can move forward (or not).

No point in sitting there treading water when you could be swimming!

Make a bookshelf, update your resume, bake something insane, learn javascript, etc.

justacoolcat said...

Both A and B.

Shocka Khan said...

I usually steal it.

The king

Ranty said...

Reets: Excellent advice. I have in fact been obsessively cooking, reading books and studying the intricacies of eyeshadow application lately... :-) It's helped a bit.

JACC: you are a good centrist!

Shocka: I'm vacillating between yours and Ang's plan C. They both have their appeal!