Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Electric Arc this Saturday

Here's the scoop:

Saturday, Sep 29, 8pm at the Woman's Club Theatre, Electric Arc Radio
Rolls Again, Recorded Live for Broadcast!

There is a mortgage crisis in this country. Who is the subprimiest
group of writers you know? The four housemates of the Lit 6 Project.
And so it comes to pass. A crinkled foreclosure notice is found in a
spot it doesn't belong. The writers are going to lose the house!
Fear and Loathing in Minneapolis... filled with song! Beer! Beer!
Clarinet! Visits from Pixie Pop Stars! Mortgage Brokers and a Paperboy
in Love! You can't miss it.

Special Musical Guest Haley Bonar! http://www.haleybonar.com/

Special Comedian/Clarinetist visit from Mary Mack!

Spread around these special Door Promotions!
$8 at the door with Student ID! (AARP Card will work, too).
A two-fer ticket ($15 for 2) if at least one ticket buyer has never
seen the show! On your honor!

This is the funniest show ever! Be there! Doors and Bar open at 7pm!

Thanks to our great sponsors: 89.3 The Current, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine,
Hamline University's Graduate School of Liberal Studies, Joe's Garage,
The Loft, and Bells Beer.

Also thanks to our Neighbors who will begin to get their real due on

(This was lifted from an email sent by Geoff Herbach.)


Aaron said...

Heh. Over on the Facebook event page for this:

"Also, when you buy your ticket, if you lean in and whisper 'Mark Wheat sent me,' you'll automatically receive a five dollar discount!"


Ranty said...


Aaron said...

actually... I just noticed... that was the event page for their premiere on the 15th... my bad.