Monday, February 12, 2007

The woes of being impatient

I cannot bring myself to show a photo of today's work on the house. It sucked.

After spending a zillion years at Home Depot cutting quarter-round moulding for the bedroom and living room, I was oh-so-ready to install it this fine Monday morning. So ready, in fact, that I neglected to google "intall quarter-round" as I had meant to.

Why bother? It's easy, right? Just hammer that crap in at an angle.


Until the first piece breaks.

No problem! I'll just caulk that little flaw up later. (I keep hammering.)




I gave up after having destroyed a good 30% of the moulding.

Then, I went to google, and learned that I was supposed to pre-drill my holes to prevent such cracking.


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