Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drywall woes

I really don't mind patching drywall, in fact I kind of enjoy the mudding part.

Unfortunately, hanging full sheets in a completely gutted room is rather difficult, and requires at least two people.

Since I am only *one* person, and no one I know is sucker enough to help me, I decided to throw an ad out on Craigslist and see if I could find a handyman to take care of this for me.

So far I've had two bids, (for labor only) at $600 and $480.

But I don't wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna pay that much for a flippin' tiny office!


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Ranty said...

For my hordes of readers, anxiously awaiting an update on the scintillating drywall issue, I have news:

I got a dude to hang the stuff for $200. I will tape it myself after.

I feel better now.