Monday, March 28, 2011

More recycling woes

There must be something in the air, because just as I was preparing to write about my annoyance over mis-use of recycling containers, I discovered that North by Northside had already beaten me to it.

So, as Jeff has pretty much covered this issue, I'll spare you all my rant (but please do read his.)

I'll just leave you with the above visual of how this issue is currently manifested over here in UWHO.


Anonymous said...

The city trash people treat NoMi completely different than they treat Linden Hills. I have been paying for disposal for 14 months and have yet to get a waste can! I recycle but if I make one tiny mistake, there is hell to pay. I put my paper recycling in the bin correctly, but I had much more, so I vertically stacked a lot of clean, dry corrugated inside another box. I did it ALL THE TIME in Linden Hills and they took it. So I went out of town and came back 3 days later. They had not taken the extra box, the entire street was littered, it had rained, snowed and been driven over, so it had to go in the garbage. My can, by the way. And something like this happens nearly every week. They always spill and they never pick it up. Hi! I live in the ghetto! I pay the same for services as anywhere else, but walk all over me. Because I live in the ghetto! I don't care if there is garbage in the street.

Anonymous said...

When I see stuff like this I think of Charles Darwin. Eventually whoever did that will find him/herself extinct. Now... time to go procreate.

Katie said...

I'm in the same boat as Anomymous.. in any other part of the city, if we make a little mistake - no big deal. We had to take our recycling in due to picky collectors! They didn't pick up our recycling for a whole month - and we got a nasty letter in the mail.

Ranty said...

I should mention that -in addition to blogging about it and sending the photo to the property manager- I also emailed Susan Young in solid waste and recycling.

Within 24 hours, she had responded and the mess was cleaned up. Yay!