Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Hounds of Hell

I love dogs.  Really I do.

I have had dogs since I was a kid - mostly large breeds, and some (well, one) with socialization issues.  I understand that dogs are a lot of work, and that sometimes they have genetic or puppyhood-related personality issues which can be challenging.  I am totally sympathetic to this.

Nevertheless, it ultimately an owner's responsibility to keep their animals under control, and - if they have socialization issues - away from other people/dogs/etc to which they might do harm.

Unfortunately, not everybody seems to get that.  And what is even MORE unfortunate, is that it seems often the folks who are most irresponsible with their animals happen to own breeds which ALREADY face challenges due to perceptions of genetic propensities toward violence.

I am speaking, of course, of Pitbulls, Rottweilers and similar.

Take, for example, my neighbors.  Not only do they have three huge Rottweilers that live 24/7 outside, are un-fixed, bark and snarl their brains out ALL FREAKING DAY, but, on TOP OF THAT, their fence is so broken-down that the animals regularly escape and terrorize the neighborhood.  I myself have called animal control no less than three times over the last two years when these animals escaped.

I feel sorry for them, really.  The dogs, I mean.  They have a terrible life.  They are stuck in the hot sun in a dirt yard all day and night, with nothing to do - they don't get walked EVER... but seriously people.  This is not cool:


Anonymous said...

Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

I can't even read your post because I think it deals with neglect but pleas do all that you can to help these dogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow that dog is scary.

Ranty said...

Bonus footage: (he ate more!)

Margaret said...

I have seen this a bunch of times in my block. A few years ago we had a rental where the people tried breeding (and abusing) dogs to sell as guard dogs. Animal control shut them down. Then they moved on to running an illegal garage where they dumped all kinds of hazardous waste in the alley.

Irving Inquisition said...

I really, really like animals. So I think the only humane thing to do is to put them down.... The owners, that is.

veg*nation said...

if you haven't done so already, and you can document that they don't have access to basic needs such as shelter and water, you might try filing a complaint with the humane society. they might be able to take the dogs out of the situation, but i don't know how much luck people have with that.

Anonymous said...

When people stop and stare at my dog who is simply following his protective instincts by barking and trying to look tough they aggravate him more not to mention make him feel challenged with the direct staring and the eye contact.

If someone has stood still and stared towards my dog longer than 3 or 4 seconds I ask them something like "Do you want him to jump the fence and chase you? Because if no, you should probably just keep moving and not directly challenge him like that."

That usually helps them realize that he is being a dog and doing what dogs do and they should be a human and do what humans do, i.e. keep walking!

veg*nation said...

@Anon 6:09:

if you don't have a fence that is high enough to prevent your dog from climbing over it and chase people down the street, then your dog is not under your control and you are an unfit dog owner.

no, many dogs don't react well to direct eye contact (one of mine doesn't, either), and many other kinds of behaviors that people might engage in. that's why a responsible dog owner (i.e., one who cares more about their dog than about using their dog to make themselves feel tough) will do everything they can to prevent a situation where the dog might react aggressively and either get (a) shot by the police on site, or (b) confiscated and euthanized.

Your Eyedea said...

"oh look, he's eating the fence"
ahhhahahah... too rich.. !