Saturday, January 31, 2009

De-carpeting the world, one house at a time

Alllllllllmost there... ALMOST!

God I cannot wait to be rid of the nasty stench from this filthy junk.

All that's left now is hauling out the bags and yanking a bit more tack strip and staples.

My hands are blistered.

And in other news, I'm closing on this house on Tuesday! Huzzah!


Jeanie Hoholik said...

Welcome to the world of rehabbing!

Ranty said...


I've been here for a while... but damn, it doesn't get any easier, considering I'm doing it w/my own hands (and nose...)

But hey, the transformation is sure worth it.

Jeanie Hoholik said...

When it's finished, you'll be beaming!

Christopher Busta-Peck said...

I always thought the purpose of ugly carpet was to lower the price one has to pay for a house and protect the floors from 20-30 years of idiots doing who knows what.

Jeff Skrenes said...

Haven't you heard the platitude, "It's easier to go barefoot than it is to de-carpet the entire world"?

Domesticated said...

So this is the blog that you've been spending your time on lately. How many home purchases have you made lately? You definitely have your hands full! The new place has got some potential!!!