Thursday, November 13, 2008


Word on the street today is that this house in Old Highland is coming down.

What is PARTICULARLY disturbing is that a local non-profit developer HAD AN OFFER SUBMITTED on this house!

I don't know why the listing company & seller just disappeared on them and never accepted or countered the offer.

But this is really just out of control.

Oh, and I posted fellow-blogger Tyler's picture of the front of the house over here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Random Thoughts Roundup

1. I have a new tenant moving into my little cottage. Huzzah! He seems fabulous, and is really excited about the house and the area.

2. The house on one side is for sale. I don't really like the building, but the yard is FANTASTIC. Too bad it's overpriced, and therefore I'm not buying it.

3. The house on the OTHER side is foreclosed and has a lockbox on the door. No listing as of yet, but it'll come on soon. I'd seriously consider this one if it were priced right. The deferred maintenance is crazy (and it has all of ZERO curb appeal,) but I'm confident that I could transform it. It's got great bones.

4. I toured a $20k Victorian today, a couple blocks away. It's actually not on the demo list, nor the chapter 249. (Dang, if only I were a millionaire NOW... I'd buy ALL these places!)

5. The sunset over Theo Wirth Parkway is PHENOMENAL.

6. Only one more day until the election. Thank heavens... I want this to be over. (Though I think it's pretty cool that the old Bean Scene on Penn/Bro is currently serving as an Obama campaign office.)