Thursday, November 13, 2008


Word on the street today is that this house in Old Highland is coming down.

What is PARTICULARLY disturbing is that a local non-profit developer HAD AN OFFER SUBMITTED on this house!

I don't know why the listing company & seller just disappeared on them and never accepted or countered the offer.

But this is really just out of control.

Oh, and I posted fellow-blogger Tyler's picture of the front of the house over here.


Anonymous said...

What will happen to all the woodwork and tiles you photographed?

Salvaged or splinters? The Re-use
center used to take this stuff but
I hear they are in trouble.

Ranty said...

Oh, I am now sure that it will all be removed and re-used... whether by thieves or legitimate salvage partners.

Anonymous said...

Could this house be saved by
First Look or the Fed program?

Ranty said...

No... I don't think so...