Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yeah, I did it.

I made a new blog for the new house:

I'm not abandoning this one just yet, as I still do have the house over north, and stuff still happens there, and, well, I've grown attached.

But I felt like it was somehow wrong to post news about the new house on the blog of the older house...

So there ya have it. I am now in two places at once.


Block-Club Leader said...

[I'm the one whose commenting got deleted today at MNspeak. This evening I submitted this additional comment, in response to your dinner-time comment, but then Max deleted it. So I'm presenting it to you here.]


I figured you'd speak up on your own behalf before too long, and I'm glad you did. Your friends here were being needlessly protective of you.

I did not attack you personally, but your friends certainly went on the attack, in rushing to defend you.

My original comment had been to the effect that MNspeakers who read your blog(s) could easily assume, incorrectly, that you write about rehabbing a house for your own personal long-term occupancy, rather than to sell once the rehabbing project is finished. Nothing illegal or harmful in you doing that, but that's a lot different than you doing that sort of a project and then staying there and getting very involved within the neighborhood community.

(And I never used the word "flipping" -- which others presumed I had -- because I agree with you that the connotation of that word isn't applicable to you: turning around and quickly re-selling a property without having put into it any added value.)

Also, I expressed the concern that now that you've gotten your real estate license, you attracting attention via your house-rehabbing blogging seems to border on business-promotion and sales prospecting. When other MNspeakers have strayed in such a direction, they've gotten chided for spam-like self-promotion.

I have no personal issue with you. MNspeakers and Max way-overreacted today. They responded like I was out to get you, which I'm definitely not. And they reacted like you're a vulnerable individual needing to be protected, which you're obviously not. (Rather sexist on their parts, I think.)

Ranty said...

Fair enough, block-club leader.

Since I was working away from my computer all day, I didn't see what the commentary looked like, I can't really render an opinion about whether something was right or wrong or inflammatory or whatever.

Suffice it to say that I feel like I've been crystal clear -both on my blog and on MNSpeak- about the fact that I am an investor as well as an agent, and I blog about houses and real estate because I LOVE it.

People can choose to read or ignore what I write. I do not send my blog(s) to anyone's inbox, nor have I ever asked Max or anyone else to plug what I write.

I was flattered that my new blog was linked on MNSpeak today, and I presume that those who looked at it and commented did so because they thought (like I do) that it's just a neat story.

And like I previously indicated, I DO plan to live in the Healy House. The moving has already commenced.

P.S. I understand that people reading my blog(s) might possibly (hopefully!) think of me the next time they want to buy or sell a home and ultimately become a client. I don't see a problem with that, frankly.

Block-Club Leader said...


I appreciate your reply, and your willingness to accept and respond to my feedback. (In contrast to the hysterical reaction it got at MNspeak.)

(I'm slow to reply with this, because my computer's been out-of-commission.)

I don't think your self-diclosures provide as much transparency as you perceive they do. In particular, when you state in your blog profile that you are, among other things, an "investor", that doesn't make clear that you're referring to real estate. These days, most people are investors, in that they own stocks or bonds or mutual funds. If you'd instead say "real-estate investor", that would be much more clear.

If you're indeed going to be residing in the Healy House beyond when you've finished repairs on it, then that's certainly helpful to the neighborhood.

I hope that goes well for you. Though of course that's a problematic location, so I won't be surprised if your household ultimately decides that staying on there is more trouble than it's worth. Like many others before you. But if you're optimistic, then I'd like to think optimisitically too.

My only first-hand experience with that immediate neighborhood was in the mid-1990s. As a dad, it was my turn to drive a bunch of Girl Scouts home from their after-school meeting. The school and most of the families were out in a nicer part of Mpls., but a few of the girls in the troop were from inner-city immigrant families. Such that some of the troop's mommies felt an understandable reluctance to take their turns driving kids home. When I took my first turn, I had to find the house of one of our one Hmong girl, whose family had recently moved into a house a block or two east of your Healy house. In those days (and maybe still? I don't know), those blocks to the east were very stark, with vacant lots outnumbering still-standing old buildings. As I was driving along slowly, trying to read the house numbers, a slender young woman on foot, wearing hot-pants, signaled and apprached me, calling "HEY, BABY....!" And it wasn't even on Lake St.; it was on around 31st or 32nd. Only time in my life I've been propositioned. I was glad for the Hmong girl that her family soon moved a few blocks further east, to a better block, on Portland.

Like you, I'm a life-long Mpls. resident, who loves the city, and wants to do what one can to help MPls. remain a great place to live.

Reetsyburger said...

I live on 31st and Lake, and I've never seen a hooker or been propositioned.

Just sayin....