Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why I need The Bean Scene, also known as my bathroom odyssey

This is what the bathroom looked like when I first bought the cottage.

Note the lovely wallboard on the lower half of the room. I've said it before and I'll say it again: WALLBOARD MEANS SOMEBODY'S HIDING SOMETHING!

Indeed, such was the case here.

Also note that miscellaneous crap strewen about the room was there from the start, abandoned by the previous owner. Some of the more interesting items include a paint sprayer (in the tub) and a faux-radiator-looking space heater.


Beautiful pipes there, aye?

I suppose one could say they add character.


I sure hope they do, cuz I'm NOT removing them. There's no room in the wall behind. (It's a "short" wall.)

The plaster which I removed from the lower section of these walls filled AN ENTIRE truck bed, which I subsequently hauled to the dump.

(I heart the dump!)

Gotta love that old cast-iron sink.

Maybe I should put it in the garden and plant flowers in it?

(The toilet's already outside, and it might be lonely.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we have drywall!


Those silly pipes are such camera-hogs... I think the window is getting jealous.

In the next episode of the bathroom chronicles, we shall have paint, a new light fixture, a re-painted clawfoot tub, and a tile floor!


Postscript: Can you guess why I need The Bean Scene? It's elementary, my dear Watson. I have no place to pee. (Of course the obligatory coffee that I buy with every visit is a cunning reinforcement of the cycle... but what to do?)


Brandi said...

Thanks for the link on your page, I put your blog in the section dedicated to my favorite-ist links. I thought I'd already linked it but I guess not...

Ranty said...

My pleasure, and thank you too!

The Litter Box House said...

Hey Ranty. We have the same sewer pipe in our bathroom. I personally think it is cool, but mine is in a corner. Not so "out-n-about" like yours is...Since ours was already painted, we added a new coat - a new coat of paint makes if feel cleaner to me. Granted it's all mental right?

mindy said...

This looks like entirely too much work. Yikes!

Ranty said...

Yes indeed, it's a crapload of work. The end result is so satisfying though... I just have to keep focused on that so I don't give up in the interim!!!

LBH - Generally I don't mind pipes, especially if they're cast-iron and paintable. These are just so inconveniently located - I have to be really careful with light, mirror, vanity and toilet selection because everything has to fit in between those suckers.

StuccoHouse said...

Please tell me you are kidding about tossing the sink. Please.

Ranty said...

Why, Stuccohouse? Is it something special? This is the second one of this kind which I've removed from a house. (The first one became a planter in the backyard - I grew morning glory out of its spigots and drain.)

I haven't thrown it out yet - I don't think the trash people will take it so I considered bringing it to the reuse center...

Do you want it? If so, it's yours!

reetsyburger said...

I *heart* the reuse center.